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Data warehousing is the process of combing huge amount of data from different sources and optimizing it to do an enterprise level analysis. The process follows a defined pattern. For example a standard process is importing the data from source systems, staging the data, transformation and aggregation and further modelling if needed

Data warehouse is the foundation of any Business Intelligence and analytics system. Aricrytpa provides a full range of services related to Data Warehousing. Our consultants have helped organizations build and enhance a robust BI and Data Warehousing systems.

Our consultants have expertise in designing and deploying systems that very from simple data models to complex corporate level LDMs. We have used industry standard data models and ETL best practices. Our consultants are Teradata, Oracle and Microsoft certified professionals.

We understand that no single solution will fit everyone’s needs. We have huge experience in analyzing the customer’s requirements and then applying the industry best practices that will fit our customer’s requirements

Our services and capabilities include but not limited to

  • Requirements collection and analysis
  • Planning and drawing the data warehouse
  • Deciding the workflow of ETL and helping the customer in deciding the ETL tool
  • Applying industry recommended LDMS (Financial LDM, Telecom LDM, retail LDM etc)
  • Start schema/Dimensional modeling
  • Data mart integration and design
  • Performance optimization