Telecom industry is one of the biggest data rich industries. In this industry, real time data and analytics plays a very critical role in business and operational decision making. Many terabytes of data flows every day and the telco industry has access to this huge amount of data.

A typical CSP generates around one billion CDR per day. Therefore, the CSPs should be on the forefront of the big data adoption to get the full benefits

There is a big opportunity for telcos to unlock the full benefits of analytics for themselves and their customers. Many departments like Marketing, operation, technical and customer services teams are constantly under great pressure to deliver excellent customer experience that drive revenue growth

Aricrypta has subject matter experts in telco industry. Our consultants are experts in implementing recommended telco LDMs with all entities and facets. Our solutions have helped telco companies to unlock different aspect of their data. Using our telco BI and analytics solutions, you can

  • Achieve a single view of your data across all the channels
  • Improve planning, pricing and marketing of new services
  • Increase the ARPU
  • Create added value services for customers based on their user experience
  • Gain visibility on user behavior and identify churns
  • Fraud and risk analysis
  • Network related performance analytics
  • Advanced analysis and predictions
  • Integration of data from multiple source systems
  • Call center performance analytics

These are just few example features of our solutions. For a full scale of our services/features that our BI solutions can cover, please contact us