In the past decade, retail sector has become one the most data rich environment as business has gone digital. A lot of shopping has gone online and a lot ecommerce solutions are appearing. This has created huge data capture opportunities. This has also increased the challenge for retail sector to correctly capture and store data. The next challenge for them is to correctly process the data and look for the right questions and take appropriate actions

This has also brought some major change in the behavior of consumers. A major section of consumers research product online, look for reviews and price before purchasing the product from store. This means that the KPIs for the retails performance has also changed. The consumer behavior has to be directly connected to the store data to produce real time insight to correctly response to consumer’s requirements

Aricrypta has solutions that are specifically designed for such needs. We can help our customers to correctly model their data and apply the right algorithms to extract the information that are needed for correct decisions. Our solutions are designed for the present digital age that will provide the right tools to correctly analyze their data. Our solutions can help our customers in:

  • Category management
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Store optimization
  • Consumer intelligence
  • Advertisement and promotion optimization
  • Spend analytics
  • Complete procurement solution
  • Financial planning
  • Revenue and sales analytics